Organic Cashews
ACHAL manages an Organic Small Holders Project in Goa and Maharashtra as per EEC 2092/91 (EEC Regulation) NPOP (Indian regulation) and NOP (USDA regulation). This enables it to offer Organic cashews to the export and Indian markets. It already has a regular export market and is now offering Organic Cashews to the Indian Consumer.

What is Organic
Organic is a “legal” term in Europe. The use of word “Organic” on a label is allowed only to producers and manufacturers who conform to the regulations prescribed under Organic Standards for production, manufacture, labeling and sale. In India, there is an established National Programme on Organic Production. It prescribes conditions for approval and sale of Organic produce. For more details on Organic Standards visit,,

  • Achal is certified for Organic Production by renowned agency IMO of Switzerland.
  • This certification authorizes Achal to label organic produce as “Certified Organic”

Organic Production
Organic production of raw cashews comes from Achal’s 1795 farmers’ 4425.73 hectare land and in conversion 1201 farmers with organically cultivated land holding of 4380.72 hectare farmers under management of Achal.

Manufacturing Standards
Achal follows high standards in manufacturing under a Food Safety Management System. Methods are followed that ensure high Quality and taste for consumer.

Nutrition Information

Cashew has abundant nutrition. This makes Organic cashews delectable, aesthetic as well as good for health

Nutrient Values for 100g of Cashew nuts
Water 2.4%
Protein 20.5%
Fat 50.9%
Carbohydrate 18.7%
Energy 611 kcals
Fatty Acid for 100g of Cashew nuts
Saturated Fatty acids 10.1
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 29.4
Polyunsaturated Acids 9.1
Inorganic Composition for 100g of Cashew nuts
Sodium 290mg
Potassium 730mg
Calcium 35mg
Magnesium 250mg
Phosphorous 510mg
Iron 6.2mg
Copper 2.04mg
Zinc 5.7mg
Chloride 490mg
Manganese 1.8mg
Selenium (Micrograms) 34
Arginine 650
Histidine 130
Lysine 290
Tryptophan 110
Vitamin Contents
Retinol 6.0 (I.U)
Carotene 6.0
Vit. E 1.30
Thiamine 0.41
Riboflavine 0.16
Niacin 1.30
Trypt / 60 5.20
Folate 68.0
Pantithenate 1.08
Biotin 13.0
Phenylalanine 270
Menthionine 90
Threonine 200
Leuine 510
Achal has invested in equipments and systems that enable packaging produce to customer satisfaction. The packing medium is pouches made from multi-layer plastic films.

Quality FSMS
Achal has been awarded ISO 22000 Certification by renowned certifying agency DNV Netherlands.

Grades of Cashewa
Cashew Kernels are graded as per Industry standards and customer requirement. In Organic Cashews, grades are tailor-made to suit the requirements of consumers in that segment.

Periodic Tests
Achal’s production under-goes periodic tests for residues. Tests reveal NIL residues. However, the certification is not merely to check residue. Achal has a well established Internal Control System under IFOAM standards too to manage the small holder project..

ACHAL’s Social Action
Achal is practicing fair trade standards. It trains and supports programmes for the farmers and employees.

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