Cashew kernel is a nutritious and tasty edible tree nut. It has a balanced nutritive profile. The nutritive values present in Cashew kernels are proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. It is a source of minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, iron and other minerals, which helps prevent anaemic and nervous ailments. So, with the right knowledge it is easy to figure out that the Cashew kernel does wonders to the human constitution. 100gms of cashewnuts contribute about 600 calories.
Mother nature has gifted cashew kernels with vitamins like Vitamin E, Thiamine, Riboflavin etc. For more details please refer to the nutrition table inNutrition Information.

Cashew has 0% cholestrol.

Cashews are rich in fat. In fact, it constitutes about 47% of the total weight of the nut. This could be good news for people who feel weak or debilitated, but what does it mean to people who are conscious of their weight and fat intake? Cashews have what is called as the "good" fat. The ratio of Saturated: Monounsaturated: Polyunsaturated is 1:2:1 which is ideal for human consumption. The relative abundance of monounsaturated fatty acids in Cashew nut is an advantage. The fatty acid profile in cashews is conducive to the promotion of good health and the relative abundance of fat in Cashew nut in no way poses a nutritional risk. Consumption of Cashews on a large scale may add to your weight but moderate consumption will be beneficial.


Water 5.20g
Protein 18.22g
Fat 43.85g
Carbohydrate 30.19g
Energy 553 kcals
Saturated Fatty Acids 7.783 g
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 23.797 g
Polyunsaturated Acids 7.845 g
Sodium 12 mg7.783 g
Potassium 660 mg
Calcium 37 mg
Magnesium 292 mg
Phosphorous 593 mg
Iron 6.68 mg
Copper 2.195 mg
Zinc 5.78 mg
Chloride 490 mg
Manganese 1.655 mg
Selenium (Micrograms) 19.9
Vit. E 0.90 mg
Thiamine 0.423 mg
Riboflavine 0.058 mg
Niacin 1.062 mg
Trypt. / 60 5.20
Folate 25 mcg
Pantithenate 1.08
Biotin 13.0
Arginine 2.123 g
Histidine 0.456 g
Lysine 0.928 g
Tryptophan 0.287 g
Phenylalanine 0.951 g
Menthionine 0.362 g
Threonine 0.688 g
Leucine 1.472 g
Isoleueine 0.789 g
Valine 1.094 g
Source : USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 19 (2006).
For more info visit : International Nut Council (INC) -International Nut and dried fruit Foundation.
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